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We are the best in the West.

Max and Verda Foster started it all with a clutch of eggs at the back of their farmhouse. Their sense of dedication is shared on all our family-run farms.


Our History

Around here, caring is a way of life. We still try to operate the way Max and Verda once did, showing the same care Verda showed when she set a timer every few hours through the night so she could get up and gently turn the eggs in the hatchery to keep them warm.

It was 1939 and the couple borrowed $1,000 against a life insurance policy in order to purchase a few hundred chicks for their small farm in Modesto, California. Their hard work—Verda tending the chicks and Max working out of his “office” at the back of the barn—steadily grew their little business. First, they became popular with the neighbors. And then throughout Northern California. We’re pretty proud of how the rest turned out.

Today, 80 years later, Foster Farms remains a family-owned and family-managed company that would make Max and Verda proud.

Max and Verda Foster

Our Farms

Foster Farms flocks are never raised in cages. Our chickens and turkeys are grown in barns designed to keep them safe from environmental extremes, while allowing fresh air to constantly circulate. It’s warm inside when it’s cold outside and cooler inside when it’s hot out. Clean water is always available, and no predators to worry about keeps the stress levels low.

Cared for just as Verda intended, every one of our chickens has the space to roam and act like a chicken whether that’s a nice morning dust bath or just pecking around. We’re certified by the American Humane Association every year and proud of it. Read more on that here.

Farm Management

Our people mean everything to us.

That’s why we believe in hands-on management and strenuous, high standards. It’s a family tradition. 

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