Simmered Chinese Chicken

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8/9/2014 Reviewed by trina small
Been making this dish for 25 years!!!! Fabulous!!!
12/9/2012 Reviewed by Gayle Aukland
This is so easy and tasty! Thank you Foster Farms for another great recipe! If you love this try their Green Chili Chicken receip!
6/1/2011 Reviewed by Sheila Azzara
Tip! Use pineapple juice instead of water, add sesame oil and hot chile oil. Use cut up chicken breast, saute then add sauce. Serve over oriental rice. YUM!!!
1/18/2011 Reviewed by bertha valles
i have been making this recipe for about 16 yrs
11/27/2010 Reviewed by Mary Westfall
I use boneless skinless Chicken thighs and saute them till crispy brown then I add the sauce to simmer. When I serve them I sprinkle the entire dish in toasted sesame seeds, sliced green onion and drained mandarin Oranges- very festive looking
8/25/2010 Reviewed by gloria sally

8/25/2010 Reviewed by gloria sally

4/24/2010 Reviewed by Angie Avritt
So glad I found this on the package! Made this recipe for dinner tonight and it was a huge hit. It was very easy to make. Was great with rice and steamed vegetables.
12/29/2009 Reviewed by carmen cuellar
I just made it for the first time and it is amazing! My husband and the kids loved it too!
3/5/2009 Reviewed by Kathleen Chase
I couldn't find a chicken under 6# the first time. i used a cut up one and the results were great. Faster for serving, too. Bown rice, steamed veggies, a salad and crusty artisan bread completed my delicious meal.
8/17/2008 Reviewed by Sonja Belanger
This chicken was so cimple to make. I had all the ingredients at my house. You just mix them together, throw them in pot and walk away! It was fabulous. My son kept trying to sick his fork in the pot to get a taste because it smelled up the house!
7/3/2007 Reviewed by Teresa
I made this for my husbands friend who was visiting from out of the when he visits he begs me to make my FAMOUS Chinese Chicken. He says he CRAVES it. It has been talked about and now it is a request from all that visit!!
2/7/2007 Reviewed by Kelly Swertfager
Wow, this is great. I'll make it all the time. My husband wanted to lick the plate clean!!
11/5/2006 Reviewed by Mama
Have made this one for years. It's so simple and tasty.
7/11/2006 Reviewed by Crackers
Yummmmm, pleasing even to the picky eaters! After I simmer the chicken, before the corn starch, I add in chinese veggies & let it cook a few minutes longer thicken up the sauce & BAM! FAB-U-LAS meal.
6/29/2006 Reviewed by Toni Burns
Be wary! You'll crave this one! It's easy, you don't have to heat up your oven, and if you use stevia and no cornstarch it's great for your diet! It's my favorite chicken recipe ever! There are never lefto overs though!!
6/18/2006 Reviewed by Angela
Absolutely the BEST chicken recipe EVER! We (even the picky eaters) love this with sticky or Jasmine rice, potstickers w/Yoshida sauce and Sesame green beans. Everyone likes it so much we all end up eating it for breakfast the next day!
6/14/2006 Reviewed by Candy
Easy!!! all ingredience always on my shelf-partners w/ very picky hubby-this is his favorite-always requested for B-day & father's day dinner!!The kids love this too!!!
3/29/2006 Reviewed by Karen Carpenter
This might be good. I'd use Turbinado sugar instead of brown, and tomato paste instead of catsup. The sesame seeds can be done in a frying pan for 5-10 minutes.
3/25/2006 Reviewed by Nancy Vis
I have been making this recipe for over 15 years. I absolutely love it! I do not add the cornstarch because I like lots of juice. I am so happy to find it still in print - my house burned down a few months ago & I lost 30 years of favorite recipes
3/18/2006 Reviewed by Barbara
I fixed this for the first time last night. My husband declared it a winner. I agree.
12/29/2005 Reviewed by NP
This is a favorite at our house. Quick, easy and delicious--the trinity for a working mom. I have also used this recipe in the crockpot--turned out great!
8/3/2005 Reviewed by Toni
This is one of the best reccipes I've ever tasted. I crave it!!! I substitue the sugar for stevia and the catsup for tomatoe paste, I can't eat sugar. I don't use the corn starch either. I love how quick and easy it is. When we moved I lost the recip

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