Know when it’s ready and safe to eat: a temperature cheat sheet

Find the right internal temp for all of our products, plus anything else you might be whipping up.

At Foster Farms, we’ve always been committed to freshness, quality, and the good health of our customers, so here’s a handy guide to ensure your family and food stay safe and healthy.


  • Set your refrigerator to chill foods down to 40°F or less.
  • Cooked poultry temperatures should be taken directly after cooking; continue cooking if necessary.
  • Always cook foods to the proper internal temperature and use a meat thermometer.
Food Internal Temperature
Beef, Ground 160°F
Beef, Roasts/Steaks 145°F
Casserole (Rice, Pasta, Potato) 165°F
Eggs 160°F
Meat (Rolled, Stuffed, Casserole) 165°F
Microwave Foods 160°F
Pork 160°F
Poultry, Boneless & Ground 165°F
Poultry, Bone-In: Breast, Drums, Thighs & Wings 180°F
Poultry, Whole (Measure in the thigh) 180°F
Reheated Leftovers 165°F
Stuffing 165°F