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Carving Poultry

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Carving Turkey

After cooking the turkey, let it rest for at least 20 minutes before you begin carving. The following pictorial walks you through the turkey-carving process — just click the arrow to the right of each picture to move forward from step to step (or click the arrow on the left to move backward if you need to review a step).

Cutting Up a Whole Chicken

One of the best buys at the supermarket, you can save even more on chicken when you purchase whole birds and cut them up yourself. To carve a whole chicken, follow the instructions below:

Quartering a Chicken
Boning Half a Chicken Breast

Packages of chicken half breasts purchased at the supermarket can also be easily boned at home.

Boning a Whole Chicken Breast

Boned chicken breasts offer the creative cook opportunity for an endless variety of delicious and healthy meals. Without skin, a three-ounce serving has just 116 calories.

Boning a Chicken Thigh

For those who prefer dark meat, boned chicken thighs can be used in many imaginative chicken dishes.

Cutting Wings Into Drummettes

Oven baked or fried, the meatier portion of the wing (drummette) is a favorite finger food when served with a variety of dipping sauces.