Update: Foster Farms Statement Regarding Animal Welfare

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At Foster Farms, animal welfare has always been a top priority. We believe raising chickens humanely is the right thing to do, and we take our commitment to humane values very seriously. Any claims to the contrary by Mercy for Animals, a vegan organization opposed to the consumption of any meat, are intentionally misleading.

In 2013, Foster Farms was the first major poultry producer in the United States to be certified by the American Humane Association. The American Humane Certified program ensures the birds in our care meet rigorous, science-based and veterinary expert-backed animal welfare standards. The program audit is comprehensive, covering 200 separate items including diet, living conditions and natural behaviors. The company also maintains an animal welfare advisory committee comprised of leading academic experts.

Foster Farms does not tolerate violations of our animal welfare policy. Last month, following an isolated incident, Foster Farms terminated five employees at one of our facilities that were either directly involved in abusive behavior or witnessed incidents without reporting the violations to management. The company has fully cooperated with all appropriate authorities.

Foster Farms has since been re-audited by the American Humane Association and was found to be in compliance with certification requirements. Foster Farms is now reinforcing animal welfare training companywide on our ranches and in our plants.

It is important to note that Mercy for Animals is a vegan organization that is actively opposed to the consumption of beef, fish, seafood, dairy and pork, as well as poultry products and this group’s agenda does not reflect the dietary practices of the overwhelming majority of consumers.