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51037- Packaging Operator

Compton, CA
Shift: Day

Essential Job Functions:

1. Manually scoops full of filling from gondola to depositing hoppers and maintain specified minimum fill levels as required.

Open packages of tortillas, manually riffle and stage for the tortilla placers as needed.

2. Obtain gondolas of filling from WIP cooler as required. Assemble and set-up filling line equipment in accordance with the

work order and configure filler, conveyors and freezers as needed. Remove empty gondolas to cleaning station as required.

3. Clean the machine parts, clean spills, close un-used parts. Print labels one day prior to production. Print bar code labels.

Verify that all labels are correct according to schedule. Obtain work schedule, obtain paperwork and prepare for operations.

4. Report to assigned work station and obtain tools, check equipment and check recipe as required. Ensure that labels have

the correct expiration date, SKU number according to the reference label book and schedule.

5. Print more labels as required by production schedule. Collect back all unused labels and count them in inventory. Maintain

label equipment and ensure it is in good condition. Conduct monthly inventory.

6. Daily entry for daily attainment. Maintain daily posting of Daily production. Data entry for Daily kitchen batches cooked for

left over fill, line waste and tortilla waste. Correct Scan Gun errors.

7. Fill in for any duties as required. Fill usage report. Set up tape machine that include Imaje code dater set up according to

line specific items and QC code date specifications.

8. Re-assemble FUJI wrapper, chain, and platform. Change film as needed. Put Markem characters and ink. Adjust all other

equipment needed such as metal detector, accumulation table, tape machine and conveyor.

9. Set up KALLFASS/heat tunnel machine’s for specific items. Put on KALLFASS film roll and add film roll when needed and

any adjustments needed.

10. Monitor the process, check line fill, complete quality checks, and make minor repairs and adjustments as required. Report

to assigned work station and obtain tools, check equipment and check recipe as required.

11. Ingredients and turn in batch sheets, ingredient sheets as required.

12. Obtain work schedule, obtain paperwork and prepare for operations. At end of shift, secure all equipment, perform general

housekeeping duties and complete all required paperwork. Packing of any leftover fill.

Additional Job Functions:

1. Attend training as required, including Quality Control, Human Resources, etc.

2. Other duties as assigned.

3. Be active part of HACCP plan by recording start and finish time of Gondolas with filling on respective HACCP tickets.

Job Requirements:

1. Must be able to read, write and communicate in English as it relates to the job and the safety regulations.

2. Must be able to perform all job functions safely. Must be able to understand and follow all written SSOP’s.

3. Must be able to understand MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).

4. Must be able to work the scheduled / assigned times and required overtime for the position.

5. Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time. Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

6. Must be able to submit and pass a criminal background check.

7. Good understanding of Microsoft excel, word and outlook.

8. Technical ability to change rolls of labels and ribbons, as well as troubleshoot problems.

9. Will need to communicate verbally and through emails with corporate IT, R&D and help desk regarding changes to labels or issues observed during normal job functions.


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