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51036- Sanitation Lead Level 3

Compton, CA
Shift: Night

Essential Job Functions:

1. Monitor all sanitation processing operations; maintain the efficient flow of the production process to meet the planned

sanitation rates.

2. Provide direction, guidance and assistance to the sanitarians as required.

3. Monitor the breakdown, disassembling and / or loosening of nuts, screws, belts, removal of machine parts, conveyors, guard

rails, lids, doors and guards and the application of LOTO.

4. Provide training for new hires/transfers and on-going, remedial or updated training for existing employees as needed.

5. Perform Pre-Op with sanitarian on all equipment before QC and USDA inspector and make adjustment when necessary

6. Check the work schedule, receive cleaning assignment, obtain supplies required to perform the work, put on all of the

required Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Gear and prepare for operations

7. Administer supplies, ensuring correct materials and quantities are delivered to the appropriate area and/or removed as


8. Ensure changeovers, run offs and set ups are performed as outlined in the SOP.

9. Expedite the sanitation process, inform Supervisor of daily progress and provide reports as required.

10. At end of shift, secure all equipment, perform general housekeeping duties and complete all required paperwork.

Additional Job Functions:

1. Attend training as required, including Quality Control, Human Resources and Safety meetings, etc.

2. Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

1. Able to work safely and set an example of safe working habits for his/her coworkers

2. Ability to understand and perform the various tasks to standards established for the department

3. Must be able to understand the concept of time and be able to demonstrate his abilities to each sanitarian

4. by being able to clean every equipment in the processing plant to a set cleaning time.

5. Be able to be certify as a forklift driver to move materials when necessary

6. Be able to take over the cleaning of equipment when there is a shortage of sanitarians

7. Be able to learn and understand the concept of HRC cleaning and monitor the application.

8. Learn the Quadexx dispensing unit and able to know FIFO system to manage chemical inventory

9. Learn how the fryer system work and be in communication with processing when oil needs to be removed or change.

10. Ability to meet the physical requirements; lifting 50llbs, climbing ladders and stairs, standing for prolonged periods.

Knowledge of basic mathematical skills. Work experience specific to the department preferred.

11. Must have a good employment record. Must be able to understand and follow all written SSOP’s.

12. Must be able to understand MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). Must be able to submit and pass a criminal background


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