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50716 Production Lead Level 1 (2 Openings)

Compton, CA
Shift: Swing

Essential Job Functions:

1. Inform supervisor of daily progress and provide reports (downtime, case count, QC checks, net weights) as required.

2. Monitor and facilitate production and packaging operations to maintain the efficient flow of the process to meet production rates. Provide coverage for temporary vacancies on the lines.

3. Check product to ensure that product meets all specifications and guidelines, including product specifications, metal detector

checks, net weights, and other quality attributes.

4. Complete production paperwork and confer with next shift operators as required.

5. Administer supplies, ensuring correct materials and quantities are delivered to the appropriate area and/or removed as


6. Provide direction, guidance, assistance and fill-in for the productions line operators as required. Provide training for new

hires/transfers and on-going, remedial or updates training for existing employees as required.

7. Ensure changeovers, run-offs and set-ups are performed as outlined in the SOP.

8. Ensure the work area is clear and clean, monitor cleaning and the daily equipment maintenance and ensure trash is placed

in the proper receptacles. Oversee and assist with breakdown and cleaning of production line at mid-shift or when necessary.

9. Obtain work schedule, obtain production schedule for assigned line, set employee schedule and prepare for operations.

10. Trouble shoot production problems, make minor repairs and adjustments and assist maintenance with other repairs.

11. At end of shift, secure all equipment, perform general housekeeping duties and complete all required paperwork.

12. All other duties as assigned.

Additional Job Functions:

1. Attend training as required, including Quality Control, Human Resources, etc.

2. Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

1. Able to work safely and set an example of safe working habits for his/her coworkers.

2. Ability to understand and perform the various tasks to standards established for the department.

3. Ability to meet the physical requirements; lifting 40llbs, climbing ladders and stairs, standing for prolonged periods.

4. Knowledge of basic mathematical skills.

5. Work experience specific to the department preferred.

6. Must have a good employment record.

7. Must be able to understand and follow all written SSOP’s.

8. Must be able to understand MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).

9. Must be able to work the scheduled / assigned times and required overtime for the position.

10. Must be able to submit and pass a criminal background check.


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