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49468- Assistant Foreperson with Class A

Turlock, CA
Shift: Night

Essential Job Functions:

1. Drive truck as needed.

2. Supervise Live Haul crew’s work while on the ranch.

3. Drive Crew Cab with employees to and from ranches.

4. Train employees in precise method of how to load and transport live turkeys.

5. Work as a turkey loader when not filling the position of a driver or foreperson.

6. Attend management training session and other assignments as required.

Additional Job Functions:

1. Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

1. Must have a high school education or equivalent.

2. Must have a class A license with a clean DMV printout and 2 years of driving experience.

3. Must be self-motivated and have good interpersonal skills.

4. Must be able to work in a dusty environment.

5. Must be able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly.

6. Must be able to stand, walk, stoop, and work in an animal production environment.

7. Must be able to stand on a ladder for poult moves.

8. Must be able to sit in a truck to drive to ranch locations.

9. Ability to communicate in English and must be able to complete daily reports both written and computer generated.

10. Bi-lingual helpful (English/Spanish).



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