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49232- Corn Line Operator

Compton, CA
Shift: Day

Essential Job Functions:

1. Monitor the process, check line fill, record oven temperatures, tortilla weights, take samples complete quality checks visually

check batch operation and make minor repairs and adjustments as required.

2. Manually cut open and add bags of ingredients (corn meal) to the mixer and adjust bulk water according to the recipe.

3. Assemble and set-up corn line equipment in accordance with the work order, configure the Masa mixing equipment, water

meters and corn oven for the product to be processed.

4. Obtain and position pallets of ingredients and supplies to the mixing work station and obtain gondolas of filling from cooler

and transport to the filling station.

5. Report to assigned work station and obtain tools, check equipment and check recipe as required.

6. At end of shift, secure all equipment, perform general housekeeping duties and complete all required paperwork.

7. Remove gondolas of trash and packaging material as required.

8. Clean the machine parts, clean spills, close un-used ingredients and turn in batch sheets, ingredient sheets as required.

9. Obtain work schedule, report to assigned work station, check work order for product being run and prepare for operations.

Additional Job Functions:

1. Attend training as required, including Quality Control, Human Resources, etc.

2. Be an active part of the HACCP plan by recording start and finish times of Gondolas with filling on respective HACCP tickets.

3. Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

1. Must be able to use, or learn to use, the equipment and tools used to perform the job.

2. Must be able to perform all job functions safely.

3. Must meet the company standards for the job.

4. Must be able to follow instructions.

5. Must be able to understand and follow all written SSOP’s.

6. Must be able to understand MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).

7. Must be able to work the scheduled / assigned times and required overtime for the position.

8. Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.

9. Must be able to lift 50 llbs.

10. Must be able to submit and pass a criminal background check.


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