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49204- General Maintenance Level 6 Packaging

Livingston, CA
Shift: Day

Essential Job Functions:

1. Troubleshoot, repair, and perform preventive maintenance on all assigned packaging equipment throughout the Packaging


2. This includes but is not limited to: Ossid wrap machines, processors, tray de-nesters, baggers, padders, de-boning

equipment, clip machines, strappers, hydraulic systems, conveyor systems (overhead, belt, chain, auger).

3. Plumbing systems (air, water, hydraulic), welding systems (arc, heli-arc, cutting torch). Also involves working with


4. Generate work orders; store requisitions, and report all deficiencies in a timely manner.

5. Successfully complete all training as required by the company and/or government regulations.

Additional Job Functions:

1. Perform other duties assigned.

2. General cleaning and/or assisting in other areas as needed; maintain proper safety, housekeeping, and sanitary procedures.

Job Requirements:

1. Must possess five (5) years experience in poultry processing maintenance or a related field.

2. Must be able to troubleshoot effectively and perform on the spot corrections in emergency situations.

3. Must be able to weld effectively (arc, heli-arc methods) and use a cutting torch proficiently.

4. Must demonstrate good written and oral English language communications skills.

5. Must be self-motivated and able to work with a minimum amount of supervision.

6. Must be able to lift fifty (50) lbs.

7. Must be able to work safely from a ladder.

8. Must be willing to cross-train in the Processing Maintenance area.

9. Must be able to work rotating shifts and weekends as required.

10. Candidates will be given a mechanical test to determine skill levels.

11. Must have high school diploma or GED.

12. Must be able to submit and pass criminal background check.


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