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48951- Service Crew

Delta, CO
Shift: Varies

Essential Job Functions:

1. Help with vaccination of individual chickens – up to 11,000 birds per day. Pick up and hang on vaccination apparatus

(approximately chest high) up to 5,500 birds (4 lbs each) using proper lifting techniques.

2. Move birds. Catch/pick up and carry (up to 20 feet) as many as 3,000-4.5 lb birds each day using proper lifting techniques.

Set up ranch prior to bird placements – routine heavy lifting (up to 50 lbs.)

3. Gather eggs – which includes: Sorting eggs for: size, clean or dirty, mis-shaped, chex or cracks, clean eggs as needed,

stacking flats.

4. Clean workrooms – sweeping with a broom, bending down to hold dustpan. Empty trash – lift up to 50 lbs. Change dip pans

daily – empty rectangular plastic pan ½ full of liquid, replace liquid.

5. Walk floors and slats to find eggs and dead birds. Walk houses 4-5 times daily requires 1.5 to 5 miles of walking each day.

Ability to bend down and pick up eggs from floor or slats. Lift and carry up to 50 lbs. (4 flats of eggs).

6. Step into and out of gathering pit numerous times each day (steep stairs). Gather onto flats up to 13,600 eggs daily from

conveyor belts.

7. Help maintain and clean ranch grounds.

8. Clean waterers – lifting 40 lbs. to dump water, scrubbing up to 160 drinkers/day.

9. Clean lights – climb ladder 12’ to reach lights mounted in ceiling.

10. Transfer to other farms – reliable transportation.

11. Clean up ranch between flocks – routine heavy lifting (up to 50 lbs.), operate high-pressure washer.

Additional Job Functions:

1. Additional tasks as assigned.

Job Requirements:

1. Must be able to lift & carry 50 pounds.

2. Ability to walk 1.5 – 5 miles per day.

3. Able to step into & out of gathering pit numerous times each day (steep stairs).

4. Able to bend over & pick up eggs from floor.

5. Able to pick up & hang at chest height up to 5,500 birds (4 lbs each) daily.

6. Able to catch/pick up & carry (up to 20 ft) up to 3,000 birds (4.5 lb) each day.

7. Must be able to climb a 12 foot ladder.

8. Must have reliable transportation.


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