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Bold Bites. Bold Flavors.

Whole pieces of chicken breast seasoned with bold flavors, perfect for on-the-go snacking.

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Get your hands on Bold Bites

Find where you can buy this delicious high protein snack packed with bold flavors. You will find it in the refridgerated snacks, near deli meat.

Foster Farms Bold Bites on in a hand
Foster Farms Fast & Easy
fast & easy

Need to save time?

From heat-and-eat to open-and-enjoy, we’ve got easy options in the bag.

*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients

**American Humane Association certified

†Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry.

†† Foster Farms Organic poultry is fed a diet that contains non-genetically engineered ingredients. USDA organic regulations prohibit the use of genetically engineered feed ingredients in poultry products labeled as Organic.