Because We Care


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“Today our customers, consumers and employees expect that Foster Farms will operate in a manner that respects the environment.

As a primary Strategic Initiative Foster Farms is committed to developing and implementing a Formal Sustainability Program.  This program will incorporate every aspect of our business, and be held to measurable results.  It will ensure that our people, and our production processes are aligned to a goal of producing quality products in an environmentally responsible manner.  Development, implementation and adherence to a Formal Sustainability Program will strengthen Foster Farm’s position as a national leader in the poultry industry, and ensure our future success.”  Laura Flanagan President and CEO

We have a corporate responsibility for being good stewards of the planet, taking every possible step to reduce our carbon footprint and the use of Natural Resources. Our focus includes but is not limited to the following:

Fresh Water Conservation

Energy Conservation


At each of our Processing facilities we are bailing our cardboard and collecting waste paper which is then sent to a recycler to be given a new life.  Our goal of a Zero landfill application is well underway, now our focus on plastic will be next in line in achieving our goal.

For decades, poultry companies including Foster Farms have supplied poultry products to stores for consumer convenience in Styrofoam trays.  Mid Year of 2018 Foster Farms will be supplying our products to consumers throughout the San Francisco Bay area without the use of Styrofoam.  This initiative has gained a lot of attention from customers and consumers in other geographical regions as well.

Throughout the year we will update our Sustainability page with Progress as it pertains to our People, Products, Planet and Progress.