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IT Project Manager

Location: Livingston, CA | Shift: Day | Status: Exempt | Job ID: 33616

Essential Job Functions

    1. Utilize the Foster Farms Systems Development Life Cycle methodology for project planning, execution and management. Perform analysis through definition of business problems and opportunities, gathering and documenting of requirements, analysis and organization of information to support formation of projects, analysis of technology and infrastructure alternatives and implications.
    2. System Design, to include translation of a conceptual alternative into a descriptive model, specification, data flow diagram and other relevant methods that define the system components which must be delivered.
    3. Design the method for delivering these components which includes functional design, technical design and design validation.
    4. Direct the planning, execution and support of assigned projects and business systems, including project initiation, control of projects during execution, project completion/closure and production maintenance. The assigned projects and systems can consist of multiple enterprise-wide complex projects and multiple critical business systems.
    5. Insure project plans are in accordance with overall business objectives. Prepare and maintain detailed and summary level project plans.
    6. Prepare periodic management status reports, lead status reporting meetings and collect and monitor data portraying the status of deliverables related to key milestones.
    7. Identify and acquire the staff with the skills required for successful execution of projects and enforce the disciplined use of Foster Farms methodology in the planning and management of all assigned projects.
    8. Prepare economic estimates and business cases to support the evaluation of alternative projects, and alternative approaches for conducting the projects.
    9. Collect and monitor data portraying and the efforts associated with projects related to resource budgets.
    10. Provide analysis of capital and expense components of projects to support the annual budgeting process and monitor labor costs, invoices and expenses related to projects and ensure the propriety of all charges.
    11. In conjunction with business champions, lead the introduction of systems and process changes resulting from projects in a planned, managed and systematic fashion. Identify and understand the perspectives of constituencies which will be impacted by the project and develop change management processes, communications, etc. to insure business change is fully implemented and project benefits are realized.
    12. Challenge the Status Quo in a constructive manner and assist business management with the communication of a compelling aspiration that will encourage others to embrace the change.
    13. Build coalitions that can successfully cause the changes to be implemented so as to achieve the intended benefits. Plan and manage education, training and/or certification processes which will ensure the success of the project as a business initiative.


    1. Degree in Computer Science, Finance, Business Management or related field.
    2. Must have eight or more years experience in application development.
    3. Must have eight plus years of experience utilizing Systems Development Methodologies (SDM), this includes substantial hands-on usage of SDM and training of staff in the use of SDM.
    4. Five plus years experience in Business systems applications, Sales and Marketing applications and have six or more years in project management.
    5. Must be highly goal and results oriented.
    6. Must be highly self-motivated and driven – must be capable and willing to learn complex systems with minimal supervision.
    7. Must be able to communicate effectively with varying levels of management and team members, both written and verbal.

    1. Master’s degree

    1. Must have reliable transportation.
    2. Must be able to obtain CA drivers license.
    3. Must be able to travel over night occasionally and work varying shifts.
    4. Must be able to have consistent attendance in the Livingston, or other assigned Foster Farms’ Office
    5. Must be able to sit for long periods of time.
    6. Must be able to drive to various company and vendor locations.
    7. Must be able to work on the computer for long periods of time.
    8. Must be able to deal with periodic high stress situations.
    9. Must be able to stay calm and focused when dealing with difficult issues.

How To Apply

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to

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Foster Farms Central Employment
P.O. Box 457
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